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                             Greetings this New Year!

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas Season remembering God’s amazing love for each of us!


Recently I came across a story, “The Mice in the Piano.” I had never read it before and loved it too much to not pass it along. The story goes, there once was a family of mice that lived in a piano. They loved the music that surrounded them in their life and gained peace and comfort thinking that there was some Unseen Player that was creating the music for them.


However, as time went by, adventurous mice would begin to explore more of their piano world. One day a mouse discovered how the music was made. He had seen wires! Wires of all different lengths that vibrated and created different pitches in tone. This shook up the mouse community and they had to revise all their beliefs. Then another mouse went to explore, and they found hammers! Hammers that hit the wires to make the sounds. Their theory had to change again and expand upon all that they knew. As each new discovery was made, no longer did most of them believe in an Unseen Player. The more they learned about their environment, the more the Piano Player became a myth. But the pianist continued to play.


As each year comes and goes, people continue to explore our world, learn more about its workings and science, and try to learn more about God. We often find, and have found, new discoveries that make some wonder whether there was ever a God. Maybe the world just happened to come about and there’s nothing more behind it than atoms and molecules and gas and space. Like the mice, they get mesmerized by the new info, instead of seeing it as more evidence of God’s amazing and intricate creativity, immensity, and shocking willingness to let us in on some of God’s secrets of creation as our knowledge advances.

In the beginning of the year, we often celebrate the coming of the Wise Ones to meet and worship Jesus. There’s this classic phrase from that story that goes “wise men women still seek Him.”  My prayer for our world and all of us this new year, is that as we continue to seek God and continue to grow in our knowledge of this world, we remember that each new discovery does not bring us farther way from God, but closer and closer. May all that surrounds us, continue to give us peace and comfort, and an assurance that God is still working, still moving, and still loving. Amen!


An Adventurous Mouse,

Pastor Anne

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