September and October Greetings!


Hopefully, my greeting is a friendly reminder that our newsletter will be shifting into a bimonthly activity now. As you look at the September calendar, you’ll notice that the back of it has October too so don’t throw it out! We’ll keep a few extra calendars on hand in the office in case anyone is like me and still accidentally recycles it after September. Oops!


As we head into the Fall season things begin to ramp up around us. School has started and people are getting back into regular routines with summer vacation time coming to an end after Labor Day weekend. This is also the start of the year for many church ministries: new sermon series, new Bible studies, events coming back into regular rotation.


My greeting in many ways can also be a welcome to our next season of ministry!

I’m looking forward to our 2022 – 2023 ministry year here at First Covenant Church. I have been getting excited as I plan for our new sermon series. On Sundays we are going to look at 1 & 2 Samuel in our series, “Looking For A King.” We’re going to take a look at the rise of the monarchy in Israel and focus on its most popular and well-known king, King David. After Jesus, David is the 2nd most frequently mentioned name in the Bible. (I’ll probably ask a question about this in worship, so be ready!)


With Jesus coming from the line of David, and Israel’s hope that their future Messiah be someone like David, then it’s important to take a good look at who David was and why he’s been so important to Israel, to Judaism, and to us as Christians. His name means beloved, at that he has been.


As we head to the Old Testament this Fall on Sunday mornings, our Bible Studies will keep us in the New Testament. Starting Oct. 5th and 6th we’ll begin our next book of the Bible to Study, Acts. We’ll hear all about the very beginnings of these first Christ followers and the movements towards building the church. And…We’ll learn about the beginnings of another important person to our Christian faith, the apostle Paul.


Bible studies will be Wednesday evening @ 6:30p beginning Oct. 5th and Thursday afternoon @ 2p beginning Oct. 6th.

               Hope to see you there!

               In Christ,

              Pastor Anne





































Pastor Anne