Happy Fall Greetings!

It’s Fall and for so many it is their favorite time of year. Pumpkin spice is in the air, the weather begins to get cooler (eventually!); the leaves begin to turn colors and we return from our summer schedules to our school-year routines.

At church we have begun our focus on being in scripture, prayer, and fellowship together. These are 3 of the big markers of a community of faith. Our primary way we meet these vital components of our faith is through gathering for worship on Sunday mornings, in-person or online. But this Fall we have started two other ways to connect. Bible Study and Potluck.

I feel like I might be in danger of becoming a broken record, but if you haven’t been able to join our Bible study and you’re available Wednesday night at 6:30p or Thursday morning at 10a, don’t miss out! Come and join us because we would love to have you with us as we walk through the Gospel of Matthew. As I write this, we are only two chapters in and already our time together has been rich with conversation and reminders of just how amazing God is. How God loved us so much to orchestrate a humble and yet matchless birth of our Savior to an expectant world, waiting for and in need of Good News! In you would like to join us by Zoom Wed. night and you haven’t received the email links each Wednesday that go out, please call Jayne at the church office and we’ll make sure you’re able to join!

Our October Potluck will be Oct. 24th at 5:30p. After sharing in all the fabulous dishes and desserts these last 2 months of potluck, we have the privilege of being the receivers of Kent Anderson’s superb soup making skills for our October potluck. Fall favorites of Chili, Ham & Bean, and Jambalaya will be on the menu for us on the 24th. Come and enjoy, bring a dessert to share if you can. Soup and sides will be provided. Our October potluck will be a night out to enjoy because we’ll do dinner and a movie. Potluck starts at 5:30p and the movie will start by 7p. Since we can’t name the movie, we’ll offer a clue. Can you guess what movie we’ll see: A young boy is left with his older and eccentric uncles for the summer and learns about their mysterious adventures in life.

Come and join us if you can!

In Christ,

Pastor Anne