Spring-filled Greetings to you!

Last weekend I was walking around my neighborhood and began offering God gratitude for all the things that popped into my head or into my field of vision. I was thankful that the snow and ice had finally melted away from sidewalks and paths, making it safe for me to walk up and down all the hills in my neighborhood. I was thanking God to see all the black squirrels frolicking about. They were behaving with the giddiness and joy that I was feeling, finally getting to be outside in the warmth of the sunshine and new season. What had me the most grateful was seeing the first splashes of yellow daffodils popping open in the local gardens that I passed. Spring flowers bring me so much joy! After the cold and gray dreariness of winter,of everything looking dead for many months, they are a sign of life and newness and warmth!

Did you know that daffodils have long been known as symbols of hope and new life? I recently learned this! Since they are routinely one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring and are perennials, they just keep coming back year after year, they have been seen as reminders of eternal life, which makes sense that they so often accompany white lilies in churches as Easter time. It might be hard for me to love more a flower that literally makes a popping noise as it starts to bloom, but with this new knowledge I just might.

Spring and its flowers, plants, and returning of animals, continually call us to remember the Easter story. When all seemed dead and gone, still and dark, it was not the end of the story! New life was preparing to burst forth! God’s plan was still moving forward. Jesus was going to be raised from the dead! Death was conquered, sin defeated, and new life everlasting was to be proclaimed!

As you watch Spring coming this year and all its new life blossom around you, I hope it brings you joy and reminds you of the new life we have been given in Christ Jesus. For we worship a Savior who is risen from the dead and offers abundant life, new life to all who believe in Him.Amen!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!



Pastor Anne

     First Covenant Church of Moline, IL 2018