Sermon Notes 11/29/2020


            Isaiah 64: 1-9, I Cor. 1:3-9



This is the First Sunday of Advent. This is the beginning of that season in the year when we prepare to welcome anew the God of all creation into our hearts and lives. How shall we prepare for that momentous event?


Let’s begin here: We need to increase our awareness of the majesty of God. The babe in the manger of Bethlehem will best be understood if we first appreciate God in all His glory.  Reflect for a few moments on the scope and majesty of creation and you will very quickly see how absurdly inadequate the idea of creation as a “chance occurrence.” Our God is an awesome God! To appreciate the coming of Bethlehem’s babe, you have to appreciate the scope and the majesty of God the creator.



Secondly you need to appreciate why God felt the need to enter our world. It was our sin. God confronted a dilemma. How to root out fear and jealousy and hatred and bigotry and all that’s evil from the heart of not just a few, but all of humanity without robbing that same humanity of its freedom? There was only one way.



God did it with the babe of Bethlehem. No one could accuse God of overwhelming humanity with His power and His majesty. He gave all that up. Neither did he dangle us over a fiery pit in order to get us to repent of our sins, though some preachers have tried to do that very thing. No, God entered our world in the helpless babe lying in a stable, and God showed us a better way, the way of love and gentleness and kindness and compassion for all people. And God says to us, “This is what I created you for. This is what life is all about.”

     First Covenant Church of Moline, IL 2018